Thursday, October 23, 2008

Final Exam Bertandang Lagi

"Please do the following in order for you to score for your final:

Get a good rest, study at the last minute won't make any better, in
fact it makes worst. Remember your brain need a rest. This will avoid
blank syndrome (brain in state of exhaustion).

Light reading is recommended a day before the final exam.
Light reading means light revision such as skimming through
all of your lab tests and case studies.

Try to do mind mapping in order to avoid memorization. Remember it is
impossible to memorize everything in one night. We took about 3 months
in order to complete the whole syllabus so plan your time properly".



Muhamad Sadry Abu Seman 5664
Web Programming I (Sem 1-08/09-DIS)
KICT Course Repository

Antara pesanan lecturer Web Programming I kepada kami melalui emel.
Thanks Sir.
InsyaALLAH, we'll try our best.

"Selamat Menghadapi Final Examination 08/09 kepada sahabat-sahabat UIAM"

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